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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Had to buy a ANOTHER dehumidifier!

Well, the GE dehumidifier was a total bust.  The humidistat obviously never worked.  If I got it to turn on and set it to, say, 70%, it would keep going forever even though the readout read 65% then 60% and on and on.

Or I would set it up to 75%.  It would be off.  Later the reading said the room was 90%, yet the unit never came on.

It sucked.  So I contacted GE support, filled in the form, waited waited.  Finally got an email back.  "Oh, so sorry, we'll help...but you used an invalid phone number (typo).  Send a good number then we'll help you."  Grrrr.  Did that days ago.  Never heard back from them.  Their product is defective and their Support/Customer Service obviously matches their product.

So this time I bought a Haier with MANUAL controls (like my trust/rusty expired DeLonghi).  The control panel plate was kind loose, so I used some of the packing tape to hold it in place (past aesthetics at this point), dialed it up in the main basement and watched for moisture extraction.  Nada.  Great!  No, that was GOOD news as the main basement is pretty darn dry so didn't expect any action.

Put the unit in the well room, put a container under the output hose to check results after an hour.  The container was filled.  Great!

So I dialed it up a bit, removed the container and set the hose on the drain.  I could it it cycling on and off during the day (fan is a little louder, but obviously more efficient than the old DeLonghi).  It's on it's second day now and I'll probably keep it.

The GE goes back post haste.  This is why I hate hate hate shopping.  I have to do things way more than once!

How about you?  Same probs?  Or are you one of the lucky ones?

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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Shed purge

You have no idea how much I've dreaded this.  Taking the purge project out to the shed.  *sheesh*

Since 2002 stuff has been going into the shed.  Nothing comes out.  I think the Ark of the Covenant is in there somewhere.

Nick came and helped me with the heavy lifting.  I didn't deal with any of the lightweight stuff (baskets, plastic, sticks, etc.) this time. I can go through that without help.


click to enlarge
But chairs, tables, machinery (leaf wacker, electric tiller, chipmate), soaker hoses, lawn and pond equipment, terra cotta - anything heavy - all fair game.  I'm getting too old, have more health issues, and just plain tired as the years pile up.  As you read on the vegetable page, you can see I'm SERIOUS about downsizing this time. 

The 'keep' pile was non-existent at this stage.  The 'must go' pile all got a good brush and/or wipe, loaded up in the Nick's truck (inside and out), and my hatchback and headed off to Mom's to store this stuff until their neighborhood multi-family garage sale July 10-11.

First we had to tidy up Mom's garage, rearrange some stuff and use the leaf blower to get out the usual garden debris. 

That done, we brought in all the goodies, stacked it and while made sure there is plenty of room for more to come.

I seem to have collected a lot of outdoor furniture over the years.

Back when I was working, had more friends/acquaintances, I needed outdoor seating.

Now it's just me, sometimes Mom, and all that heavy furniture is just taking up space.

With the sale being in early-ish July, I'm hoping folks will find all those lawn and garden goodies attractive.

I'm hoping for enough sales to pay for the parts of this big purge that is costing me to unload stuff (secure shredding, lifting and hauling, other expenses).

I'm glad this part got done.  It's shown me that, with some good help, I can get a lot out of the house and over to Mom's sale and looming deadline.  

Already I'm feeling tons lighter!  Still lots to do, but now feel the task might not be so impossible.  Fingers crossed.

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Saturday, June 6, 2015

No sweat!

For the past year I kept hoping my 20-yr-old DeLonghi dehumidifier would heal itself.

Or that I could find someone willing to just recharge it.

Neither happened.

Then I started looking at what's out there.  And checking the reviews.  Disheartening.  So I procrastinated.  Things started to mildew.

I finally bit the bullet - I was at Home Depot and just said "Screw it!  Whatever I get it won't last.  Live with it."  And I bought their least expensive smallest (30 pint) GE model and brought it home.

It languished downstairs as I played outside with spring planting.  But it was cold and windy and heavily overcast today so I set up the new unit.

Instructions did not have any 'setting up' advice, so I just attached the output hose, wheeled the thing into the dank well room, plugged it in and set the (advised) 'continuous' mode for the next 24 hours.

Gauge said the room was at 80%.

A scant 2 hours later - it was down to 50% and the room smelled better.  Still wetness on the floor and in corners. But definitely drier.

5 hours later - showing 45% (its lowest display setting) and the room was dry.  Really.  No condensation on the water softener tanks.  None on the cold water pipes.  Floor and wall tiles - dry.  And the room was warmer (due to continues fan).  Almost - pleasant?

Okay.  Seems to be working.  The low setting of the fan is louder than the (only) setting on the old DeLonghi, but it's in a closed room so I hardly hear it.

Wonder how much electric it's taking.  I remember when I ran the old unit and when it quit, my electric bill dropped some.

Well, fingers crossed.  We'll see how this works out.  I really hate buying stuff.  I have little trust in products/manufacturers anymore.

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