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Monday, April 13, 2015

Purge progress

More progress on the purge project.

I found someone (bless him), who knew someone else who wanted my old windows for use in a future project or two.

Why did I even HAVE old windows?  Well, when I got them replaced, *I* had visions of projects.  Cold frames.  Garden art. Windows in the shed.  Just -- stuff.   Never happened.

He hauled them out from all their storage places around the house, loaded them up and took them away.

Oh happy day!!

The old steel basement windows.  GONE!

The old wooden window stored in the crawlspace.  GONE!

All the wooden sashes from the upstairs bedroom & bath windows stored in the attic.  GONE!

The super heavyduty tempered glass storm windows.

Not only are they gone, but someone else might actually be doing fun things with them, like I originally thought.

Bottom line, the project moves forward.

I've got a whole year to get it done.

And it just might take me that long.

The ultimate goal is a minimilist decor, no unnecessary this or that, better storage for what I keep.

Lean and mean.

Finally, the front bedroom will be actually become - a bedroom.  Not just walk in storage for most anything.  I've got big plans for that room.

But it needs to be excavated!  LOL

Every onwards!  Don't you love it when you're on a roll?

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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Boxing day

For the past couple weeks I've been sorting through the front bedroom.  

Originally - it was the first pic.  Over 2 weeks I'd sorted out all the stuff belonging in pantry.

Then I went through all the book boxes (they were put there in 2002 when I moved in and I never touched them again).  I sorted, cataloged, kept and discarded.  

Three big boxes are going to the library for their annual book sale.

The others were grouped, entered into a computer app, reboxed and taken to the upstairs bedroom/office.  Same with all the vinyl records.  (I refuse to let them go!)

The 2 armchairs up there were brought down to the front bedroom.  The chair will eventually go to garage sale, but at least they are downstairs now.

The dark bookcase (too deep, too big, too heavy) has to go.  The metal cabinet must be emptied and has to go (too big for the house).

But, by and large, a good start on turning this room into a bedroom for when Mom might come live with me, or a nice library for your's truly.

Bottom line, it's already well away from the eyesore it was.

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Sunday, March 15, 2015

More furnace duct work

After I went after the leaky hot air runs/registers, I addressed the problem of leaky cold air returns.

While I'd previously worked on the register part of the cold air returns, now I did what I could to the transfer part of the returns.

There is only one metal cold air conduit - in the crawlspace.  All the other cold air returns are merely cardboard-enclosed spaces between joists!  What a mess.

Not only does the cardboard warp, but the tape (designed for METAL, not CARDBOARD) has pulled apart since the 2004 install.

Another annoyance, those joists have been cut open for cables, wires, etc over the  years.  You can see really OLD cabling in the 3rd pic, and a pic of the inside of one of these returns in the 4th pic.

So, armed with fresh sticky (bright turquoise - for fun) tape, carpet tacks and minimum-expanding door/window insulation foam, I had at it.

I peeled off all the degraded metal tape and used one of the new super-sticky Duct brand tapes to seal between pieces of foil-coated cardboard.

And wherever there were sags in the cardboard (usually around incursions or just not enough nails) I tacked them firm.

After tape and tacks, I used foam to seal all the holes in the joists (trimming off the excess when it was set).  I also ran a line of foam along those 2 bedroom/dining room return vents, replacing the temporary plastic bags I'd wadded in there previously.

There.  Am I done?  No.  I have decided that at least 2 of the heat runs will be removed: an oversized 8" run into the sunroom (that should NEVER been installed - there is no insulation in there and heat blown that way is a real waste, and a run/vent into the crawlspace.  Another bad decision due to trusting the installers.  (I've previously disconnected a run into the main basement long ago.)

Bottom line, my heating bills this bitter winter were the least in years and my comfort level went up 100%.  It was worth the effort and cost me only the crawling and ladder work, some tacks, tape and a can of foam.  Can you only imagine how much I could have saved over the years if I'd realized how inept the install was?  Oh, sure, I've got a good furnace.  But it's never really had a chance to do it's thing efficiently!  Ah well, better late than never. Can't wait to see how much less the A/C bills are this coming summer. :-D

Oh, parting shot - here's a tip how to get more mileage out of a can of insulating foam.

CLEAN the applicator immediately while the foam is still moist.  Remove the applicator, pull it apart (the trigger and the tube), and push a pipe cleaner through both of them.  It will remove the foam before it can harden.  Then use the pipe cleaner to clean the nozzle on the can so nothing hardens up in there, too.  Simple.  You don't have to toss a used can anymore. 

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