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Friday, August 28, 2015

50-year-old treasure

After giving away my mid-1970s Sears sewing machine this past garage sale, I was able to bring home my original 1966 Singer 626 zigzag from Mom's.

I'd given it to her when I got the 'new improved you-gotta-have-all-these-options'  machine.

I hated it.

I hated it especially since my EX had pushed me into replacing a perfectly good 10-year-old Singer.

'Nuff said.

My Singer is back.  It's not been used for over 35 years.

Click for larger PIC
So this week I opened it up and had a look.  Looked good.  Externally dirty, but inside clean. Mom still had the box of attachments and even a tube of lube.  And, after I'd found/downloaded an original manual, she told me she still had my original.  Bonus!  

So I cleaned the chasis really good and lubed the innards.  This is a precision machine!  And the owner has full access to the inside.  Heck, I can even RUN the machine when it's wide open (try THAT in this omigodyourgoingtohurtyourselfsowemakeitsoyoucannotevenopentheunit day and age)!  The manual even shows you how to access and lube/clean everything.  Guess manufacturers back then thought that the user/housewife had a BRAIN unlike now.

And the manual isn't just how to use the machine, buy how to do simple and more complicated seamstress jobs.  Some are a bit dated (how to tack a garter to a belt or girdle *heh*), but really it's all solid info.

Anyway, I took a few hours then and played with the few cam functions (zig zag, scallop, etc.  (8 in all including straight stitch).  Forgot this machine fills the bobbin in situ.  Cool.    

I love that I opted to get a knee controller for the cabinet (a lever under the cabinet that activates the foot controller in a rack).  I never liked the foot controller on the Sears, not sensitive enough.  

Anyway, first up - patching up the garden jeans.  The knees have been out for some time.  I cut up an old pair for denim, spray glued the patch to the jeans, let it 'cure', then reinforced the bond with a zigzag border.  

TADA!    Happy happy joy joy here.  Looking forward to doing a lot more sewing in the future. :-D

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Bookcase re-homed

The big heavy bookcase went to its new home yesterday.

That thing weighs a ton and it took a lot of muscle to get it out of the house and into the truck.

Also removed were a 5-gal pail of pottery shards and a trash container filled with small rocks that were unearthed when the firepit (back in the swing bed) was removed last spring.   

That tub of rocks had no place to go here.  Fortunately my friend has a large rural property and there are always dips and voids to be filled.

The front room is almost empty of the big stuff.  It's got a lot of little stuff that will need to be sorted through later in the year when I need inside projects.  But the big stuff is 99% gone.  Left is a heavy reclining exercise bike, an attic full of Christmas trees, ornaments and lights, and a whole lot of old computer equipment to be donated or Ecycled.   

There is a lot of light-weight stuff (garden plastic pots, wire fencing, etc in the shed and garage), but I can handle that easily and haul it in the hatchback to where it needs to go.

Yep, the purge is coming along nicely. 

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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

More items to Ecycle

Took a load of broken tools, batteries and small appliances (from both homes) to Ecycle.  It's wonderful to not to have to put these things into landfills.  I just knew keeping them would eventually pay off.  The 2 Ecycle facilities in the country opened up this year - just in time for my purge.

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